Specific Questions You May Want to Ask Your HealthCare Team

Specific Questions You May Want to Ask Your HealthCare Team

About Brain Tumors
• What are the statistics on my type of brain tumor?
• Resulting disabilities?
• Life expectancy?
• What are the chances I will be able to care for myself and for how long?
• Am I likely to get another brain tumor? If so, how often should I look for a recurrence?

About Treatment Options
• With this type of brain tumor, what are my treatment options?
• Is one or a combination of treatments better for me than others?
• What are the side effects of the different treatments?
• What medications are available to me?
• What are the benefits/side effects of these medications?
• Will these medications interact with other medications, over-the-counter products, or dietary or herbal supplements that I am already taking?

About Lifestyle Changes
• Should I follow a special diet?
• Are there any dietary changes I should make? How do I go about it?
• Should I begin an exercise program?
• What kind of exercise is best and how often should I exercise?
• Should I stop drinking alcohol?
• What should I avoid doing until the treatment is over?
• Should I give up driving?
• What changes should I expect to make in my job?
• What may I have to give up after my treatment is completed?

About Outlook
• What should I tell my family, friends, and employer?
• Can you suggest some support organizations?
• What is my expected prognosis?
• How often will I need checkups?
• What are the chances my brain tumor will come back?
• Who can help me with support group and legal assistance if I have trouble at my job?


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