Catherine Ivy Receives Prestigious Healthcare Leadership Award

Here is what AZ Business Magazine, sponsor of the Healthcare Leadership Awards, had to say:

“They are the people we turn to when we need them the most. They help heal our wounds. They mend our children. They have the ability to create happy endings for tragic stories. They impact the communities they serve in ways that few other professions can. They are healthcare leaders. The editorial department of AZ Business magazine scrutinized hundreds of nominations before deciding on the winners and finalists who are recognized with 2013 Healthcare Leadership Awards. We are humbled to honor these amazing men, women and institutions.

Congratulations to the 2013 Healthcare Leadership Awards winners!

2013 Winner


Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation

Ivy founded the Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation after her husband, Ben Ivy, lost his battle with glioblastoma (the most aggressive and common form of brain cancer) in 2005. Since then, the foundation has provided more than $50-million to brain cancer research. In 2012, the Ivy Foundation awarded $10 million in grants for two groundbreaking brain cancer research projects at TGen. “The tireless and dedicated support of programs like the Ivy Foundation is helping transform ideas into medical reality,” said TGen President and Research Director Dr. Jeffrey Trent.”


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