TGen and Neurosurgeons at UCSF Collaborate in an Effort to Individualize Treatment for Patients

“The Ivy Foundation Early Phase Clinical Trials Consortium recently began testing a novel “Precision Medicine” clinical trial for patients with recurrent Glioblastoma.  Using a patient specific genomics platform developed specifically for this trial in collaboration with TGen (Translational Genomics, Phoenix, Arizona), tumor tissue is obtained at the time of surgery and extensively profiled for any molecular alternations that might inform specific treatment.  An extensive treatment “match” based upon the changes noted from the tumor is used to recommend treatment with up to 4 drugs.  Unique to this trial is the potential to use what is called “repositioned” drugs, drugs that may be approved for indications other than cancer therapy.  After the profile is obtained, and potential treatment regimens, a Molecular Tumor Board is convened that includes the patients treating oncologist and other experts in genomics and pharmacology, and clinical neuro-oncology.  A final recommendation is made for therapy, which the treating oncologist and patient can use to make final decisions.  After a planned enrollment of 15 cases, and assessment of this strategy, a larger trial will be developed.  Our hope is to eventually “individualize” treatment for each patient, based upon the molecular nature of their specific tumor.”

Michael Prados, MD

Dept Website:

Cancer Center:



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